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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mac/Benefit Purchases

This is going to be a tad boring to look at..but you could always watch the video which i cant really promise is going to be too exciting either.

Well.....went with my best friend to the Diner on carnaby street(BEST fries ever) and their cajun burgers are to die for. Not sure about veggie options although the fish burger did go down with my bff quite well.

So after that we decided to pop into benefit, because lord knows the girls standing outside the boutique look so adorable and so desperate for customers. I hate that, but in a way i know exactly how that feels having worked for a skin care company myself not sooo long ago. Its tough but sales means money and basic pay is pretty lame in the sales industry esp in beauty. Anyway walked in knew i wanted the bad gal mascara after buying 3 magazines just to get the samples..which i adore BUT NOT on their own, for some reasons bad gal just doesnt do anything exciting for my lashes unless i use it in combo with a lengthening mascara such as my fav(lash stilletto) and may i say my lashes have never been longer with this combo. i love it! more then dior blackout! Also picked up coralista...recommended by a fellow youtube guru.

Anyway the next day i was in westfields(my second home) and was desperate for the duey, sexy im so oily but tanned face look. u know what i mean. Think britney in slave for you video. ;) yeah i thought you would remember that. Well after no luck and some rudeness experienced at the bobbi brown counter, i decided to give mac a go. Now i am not a mac addict, i like their products, but i wouldnt go as far as to say that i am obsessed with every collection or product they bring out. But i guess thats true for a lot of make up brands.

Anyhooo i told the guy working there just what i was going for i told him i had chanel vitul(cant spell the rest) foundation and the mac mineralised foundation the first one was not recieved too warmly but whatever. He suggested going for the strobe creme and applied it to my hand and yes i fell in love. so thats the end of that story. i also picked up love nectar lipglass and pink lemonade(adore) which will go perfect with the coral lipstick from barry m which was my staple for summer!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

New start....New hair...

sooo i did it! i woke up this morning and i was determined for this day to be the first of my new life...or at least i would like to think so...and whats the first thing a lady should do when she is craving for a brand new start....a new look right?? Well....i knew my hair was in pretty lame condition...and the only reason i got away with it for long enough was because it is curly. However due to a hair cutting incident 3 years ago involving my DAD yes thats hair has been lop sided for quite some time, and yeah i could have gotten a bob and i would be fine, but i couldnt do it. I just couldnt bare to have all 9 inches of my hair off! no sir! so i decided(stupidly) to live with the uneven hair cut and disguise it best i could. Well, it hasnt done me any favours and today i walked into Artwork, a medium to expensive ish hair salon and i asked for them to "fix my hair"

and fix it they did....yes its shorter then i would have liked, but at least its not a bob, and it actually looks like hair rather then straw. I also went ahead and brought the hair care products that she used to. I have had lots and lots of layers put in to help the curls bounce, but for some reason today she styled it ringlet style using her fingers and dried it that way too. But naturally my hair is full of small curls..not huge ringlets...what do u guys think ??

curly hair is so difficult to maintain without it looking like a mop...sigh.


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Does a broken heart ever heal?

Well does it?? i keep hearing that it will heal but it will never be the same...that doesnt fill me with much confidence or motivation to move forward. AND believe me i am it slowly. Maybe at a later date il go into all the reasons why it broke...and was trampled on by the same person over and over again...but right now....its enough for you guys to know that it is in recovery mode.

Sometimes.....i wish i could turn back time.....and all those times i had a gut feeling saying "NO" "DONT BELIEVE IT" i would have listened..but we all have to learn the hard way...i guess im paying the price now whereas he is probably and most likely not spending 1 minute of his precious time in a day feeling remorse, guilt or pain.

Why at the age of 23 is it so important bordering on sad and pathetic that i am single...?

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Soo for my first posting i thought i would pretty much keep this short and sweet, however then i realised i dont do short and here it first ramble is about a certain product that was ever so kindly recommended to me but which i now refuse to let anywhere near my skin.....what is it i hear you ask??? take a look at the culprit...yes its the clarins face tanner, i also have the body one because it was an offer so i got sucked into buying BOTH :( now i have to say i am not fair skinned as you have probably noticed but that has never stopped me from worshipping the sun, however i tried to move away from all those health risking rays and invested in what i thought would be a good reliable product...

Now a) the color is makes me look almost yellow! i dont know maybe because my own skin pigments are darker i dont know im not a scientist i just know the color of this product looked a hell of a lot better under shop floor lighting

b) probably the most grossest thing about this product....THE SMELL...i mean seriously, what were they thinking!! why on earth would u even bottle something that smells like this.....if u havnt smelt it.......then u cant possibly imagine the smell...and it isnt at all bad when u smell it out the bottle it develops over a few hours....feels like ur almost rotting away...eurgh!never never ever again!!