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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Soo for my first posting i thought i would pretty much keep this short and sweet, however then i realised i dont do short and here it first ramble is about a certain product that was ever so kindly recommended to me but which i now refuse to let anywhere near my skin.....what is it i hear you ask??? take a look at the culprit...yes its the clarins face tanner, i also have the body one because it was an offer so i got sucked into buying BOTH :( now i have to say i am not fair skinned as you have probably noticed but that has never stopped me from worshipping the sun, however i tried to move away from all those health risking rays and invested in what i thought would be a good reliable product...

Now a) the color is makes me look almost yellow! i dont know maybe because my own skin pigments are darker i dont know im not a scientist i just know the color of this product looked a hell of a lot better under shop floor lighting

b) probably the most grossest thing about this product....THE SMELL...i mean seriously, what were they thinking!! why on earth would u even bottle something that smells like this.....if u havnt smelt it.......then u cant possibly imagine the smell...and it isnt at all bad when u smell it out the bottle it develops over a few hours....feels like ur almost rotting away...eurgh!never never ever again!!