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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Does a broken heart ever heal?

Well does it?? i keep hearing that it will heal but it will never be the same...that doesnt fill me with much confidence or motivation to move forward. AND believe me i am it slowly. Maybe at a later date il go into all the reasons why it broke...and was trampled on by the same person over and over again...but right now....its enough for you guys to know that it is in recovery mode.

Sometimes.....i wish i could turn back time.....and all those times i had a gut feeling saying "NO" "DONT BELIEVE IT" i would have listened..but we all have to learn the hard way...i guess im paying the price now whereas he is probably and most likely not spending 1 minute of his precious time in a day feeling remorse, guilt or pain.

Why at the age of 23 is it so important bordering on sad and pathetic that i am single...?


  1. Like you, I too have gone thru the same pathetic stage of life where I was left alone with a heartburn & my life was surrounded by deep emptiness and sense of dejection, but my friend don't loose your confidence as its a part of life and every dark cloud has a silver lining, be positive, be strong, move forward and soon you will find the true soulmate of your life.

  2. Thankyou beautifier, i must say im hearing one too many heartbreak stories...i just feel drained and like you said empty....but since writing this iv really tried to push my self to step out of the house and to socialise....dodging the subject of men and relationships when ur with a bunch of girls is hard though, and i cant expect them to stop talking about their happy experiences....i just wish i was immune for a lil while, long enough to get better if you know what i mean. sigh....xoxo

  3. Hi found yr blog thru Sonali's. I see it's been more than a month since u posted this but i felt the need to comment...I hope your heart is mended n ur in a happy place now. We all go thru heartbreak n fall apart, but when we eventually get over it, we become stronger n realize it wasn't good enough to cause a heartbreak after all.
    <3..Cynthia XX