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Thursday, 10 September 2009

New start....New hair...

sooo i did it! i woke up this morning and i was determined for this day to be the first of my new life...or at least i would like to think so...and whats the first thing a lady should do when she is craving for a brand new start....a new look right?? Well....i knew my hair was in pretty lame condition...and the only reason i got away with it for long enough was because it is curly. However due to a hair cutting incident 3 years ago involving my DAD yes thats hair has been lop sided for quite some time, and yeah i could have gotten a bob and i would be fine, but i couldnt do it. I just couldnt bare to have all 9 inches of my hair off! no sir! so i decided(stupidly) to live with the uneven hair cut and disguise it best i could. Well, it hasnt done me any favours and today i walked into Artwork, a medium to expensive ish hair salon and i asked for them to "fix my hair"

and fix it they did....yes its shorter then i would have liked, but at least its not a bob, and it actually looks like hair rather then straw. I also went ahead and brought the hair care products that she used to. I have had lots and lots of layers put in to help the curls bounce, but for some reason today she styled it ringlet style using her fingers and dried it that way too. But naturally my hair is full of small curls..not huge ringlets...what do u guys think ??

curly hair is so difficult to maintain without it looking like a mop...sigh.



  1. Your hair is gorgeous and pretty curly, don't cut it off!
    You look very nice in the pink saree xx

  2. miss eve: thankyou :)xoxo

    The beautifier: its too late :( these pictures are after the cut...:( and thankyou that was my hair before the cut. damn it i am so regretting cutting it...but rumour is you need to cut your hair in order to grow it...we shall see xoxo

  3. lol. You are right, it is better to have them trimmed so they can grow longer and faster!
    I really heart long silky hair, mine are also very long! xx

  4. me too! i think its the indian in me thats programmed to want long thick black silky hair....your hair is gorgeous! how often do you cut it?xoxo

  5. Thanks hun! I have it trimmed in every 3-4 months :D xxx

  6. I stumbled upon your blog and I think your hair looks great!
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