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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Natural Beauty

Seriously?wtf is wrong with the media. and then they wonder why 8 year olds are taking frikking botox injections?or kids are obsessed with looking a certain way, when the first chance they get they belittle natural fucking beauty and label it in such a negative way. Let me make it crystal clear, in this before photo she is wearing a wet suit!her hair is frizzy so she has clearly been in the water and even if she hadnt so FUCKING WHAT!?! take a picture of ANYONE male or female and throw them in a wet suit take a pic from a bad angle and OH NO…i cant stand websites or magazines who thrive off attacking someone. Sorry to break it to u, but make up enhances what is naturally placed on womans face…you can do amazing things with a brush and the right pallette…But that does NOT mean when a woman feels CONFIDENT enough to embrace her natural canvas that you should advertise is as something soooo very negative and disgusting. Jennifer lopez is a beautiful and confident woman but NOT all women are, and this shit makes it scary for some of us normal women to walk out there house without the layer of foundation…